All Attunements

Here is a list of all my available reiki attunements. Just click on the link to be taken to the relevant page. If you are looking for a particular reiki energy system and it is not here please send me a message to see if I have forgotten (lol – I am only human) to add it. Just click on the link to be taken to the description. Call back often as I am updating regularly.


$Raphael & The Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment$
10 Angel Reiki Attunements And Website
10 Bodies Attunements
11:11 Angel Reiki Attunements/numerology/11 attunements
12 Strand DNA Reiki Attunement
13 Ascended Masters Reiki Attunement
13 Crystal Skulls Reiki
20 Angel Reiki Attunement Package
20 Angelic Essences Reiki Attunement
20 Shaman Reiki Attunements + Website
2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections – 7 Attunements
21 Taras Reiki Attunement
22 Angels Of Healing Reiki
24 Strand DNA Reiki
36 Strand DNA Activation Reiki
4 Holy Archangelic Attunements
4th Eye Activation Attunement
5 Dhyani Buddhas Reiki
5 Dzambhalas Reiki
5th Dimension Masters Blessings
6 Kundalini Boosters Reiki
60 Angel Reiki Attunement Package
7 Facet Seichim Reiki
7 Holy Kumaras Empowerment Reiki
7 Rays Of Elohim – 1st Ray Hercules & Amazonia|
7 Soul Characteristics
80 Reiki Attunements + Website
9 Animal Empowerments Reiki
999 Angelic Realms Reiki
999 Cosmic Light Oneness Reiki
999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki
999 High Magick Prosperity & Abundance Reiki
999 Prosonodo Light Intiation
999 Red Violet Success Energy
999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy
A Beginner’s Guide to Reiki
Aasta Energy Ray
Abandonment Reiki
Absolute Confidence Empowerment Reiki
Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment Reiki
Abundance & Success Reiki Attunement
Abundance And Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment
Abundance And Prosperity Reiki
Abundance Energy – Draw & Project Money
Abundance Flush Reiki
Abundance Magnet Orb Reiki
Abundance Mandala Reiki
Abundance Manifestation
Abundance Medicine Mandala Empowerment Reiki
Abundance Tree Reiki
Abundant Dreams Empowerment Reiki
Abundant Mindset Activation
Abundant Purpose Empowerment Reiki
Abundantia Abundance Ray Reiki
Acceptance Flush Empowerment
Actions of Alchemy Reiki
Activation Of Medicine Wheel Reiki
Activation Of The Labyrinth
Activation Of The Shaman Reiki
Acupressure Therapy
Adrenal Care Shakti™Attunement
Advanced Healing Lightwork Attunement
Advanced Manifestation Lightwork Reiki
African Violet Octave
After The Rain Empowerment
Agrimony Shakti Attunement
Aizen Myo Love, Passion & Lust Reiki
Ajna Activation Reiki
Ajna Lense Activation
Akal Empowerment to Release Fear
Akashic Angels Reiki
Akashic Records Reiki Attunement
Alabaster Caverns Empowerment
Alchemy Of Money Reiki
Alchemy Pathways Reiki
Alchemy Reiki Attunement
Alchemy Reiki Package – 8 Attunements
Allowing Happiness Empowerment
Almighty Lord Healer And Channeler Reiki
Ama Deus Shaman Reiki Course Attunement
Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment Reiki
Amaterasu Reiki
Amethyst Fairy Orb Reiki
Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation Reiki
Amethyst Rose -Fairy Magick Empowerment
Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector
Amulets of Kemet Reiki Attunement
Ancient Wisdom Ancestors Reiki Attunement
Andropause Reiki
Angel Aurora Reiki For Spiritual Leadership
Angel Cherubim Abraxas Attunement
Angel Diamond Star Course
Angel Flames Reiki
Angel Garadiel Energy Reiki
Angel Guides Empowerment
Angel Journey Activations Program
Angel Light Initiation Reiki
Angel Light Reiki Initiation Attunement
Angel Lightworker Program
Angel Mandala Reiki
Angel Of Abundance Empowerment Reiki
Angel Of Cleansing Reiki
Angel of Communication and Expression Empowerment
Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior Empowerment Reiki
Angel Of Prosperity Reiki
Angel of Space Clearing Empowerment
Angel Reiki For Children
Angel Reiki System Attunement
Angel Stones Empowerment Reiki
Angelic Amber Essence Energy Reiki
Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy Reiki
Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy Attunement
Angelic Aura Radiance
Angelic Cellular Healing Reiki Attunement
Angelic Citrine Essence Energy Attunement
Angelic Empowerments Reiki
Angelic Money Beings Reiki
Angelic Moonstone Essence Energy Attunement
Angelic Reading Flush Reiki
Angelic Sealtiel Empowerment
Angelic Senses Reiki
Angelic Song Empowerment
Angelic Turquoise Essence Energy Attunement
Angelic White Witches’ Cauldron Reiki
Angelite Purification Sigil Connection Attunement
Angelite Stone Energy Reiki
Angels & Unicorns Reiki Attunement
Angels And Archangels 7 Rays Healing Reiki
Angels Healing and Empowerment Reiki
Angels Of Karma Reiki
Angels of Mercy and Compassion Reiki
Angels of Peace Reiki
Angels Of Release And Swift Endings Reiki
Angels Of The Earth – Animal Healing Reiki
Angels Signs Awareness Flush
Anger Blockages Energy Flush
Anger Release Reiki
Angry Words Flush
Animal Angels Reiki
Animal Familiars Empowerment Reiki
Animal Light Communication Reiki
Animal Meditation Master Empowerment
Animal Path Healing Reiki
Animal Protection Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Animal Reiki Course
Animal Reiki Healing Business Package With Website
Animal Soul Aggression & Fear Calming Reiki
Animal Soul Communication Reiki
Animal Soul Compassion Reiki
Animal Soul Connection Reiki
Animal Soul Healing Reiki
Animal Spirit Guide Reiki
Answered Prayers Empowerment Reiki
Anti Stress Empowerment
Antidepression Reiki
Anxiety Relief Reiki
Anxiety Shield Reiki
Appreciation Empowerment
Appreciation Rays Reiki
Aquamarine Dolphin Ray Reiki
ARADIA – Queen of the Witches Empowerment
Archangel Auriel Earth Spell Flush
Archangel Gabriel Water Spell Flush
Archangel Metatron Comunication Flush
Archangel Michael Alignment Reiki
Archangel Michael Fire Spell Flush
Archangel Nathaniel Quantum Leap Empowerment
Archangel Raphael Air Spell Flush
Archangel Raphael Healing Empowerment Program Reiki
Archangel Raphael’s Traveller’s Empowerment
Archangelic Seichim Reiki
Archangels of Light Team Reiki
Art of Alchemy Reiki
Artemis Ray Attunement
Artemis Stone
Artistic Skills Reiki
Ascended Masters Connection Reiki Attunement
Ascended Masters Etheric Sacred Pyramid Reiki
Ascendency Energy 999
Ascension & Manifestation Lightworker Program
Ascension Reiki – 9 Degrees
Ascension Symptoms Flush
Ascension Vibration Reiki
Ashta Lakshmi Reiki Attunement
Asking Forgiveness Empowerment
Astral Body Radiance 2012 Attunement
Astral Journey To Avalon Reiki
Astral Protection Shield Reiki
Astral Star Reiki Attunement
Astral Travel Reiki Empowerment
Astral Travel Website Blog
Athena Wisdom Ray
Atlantean Peace Reiki
Atlantian & Gaia Trilogy Reiki
Atlantian Crystal Angels
Atlantic Light Temple Reiki
Atlantis Healing System Reiki
Attachment Release Reiki
Attraction Magnet Empowerment
Attraction Magnetic Field Reiki
Attraction Reiki Attunement
Attunement Protection Shield Empowerment
Aura Clearing and Healing Reiki
Aura Empowerment Reiki
Aura Flush Empowerment Reiki Attunement
Aura Painting Reiki—Healing & Success Empowerment
Aura Repair Empowerment
Auric Energy Attachment Clearing
Aurora Reiki
Authentic Life Reiki
Avalon Mist Reiki
Awaken The Wild God Within Empowerment
Awakening Of The Guardians Reiki
Awakening The Light Codes Of Atlantis Attunement
Ayurveda Master Reiki
Ayurvedic Reiki
Azure Ray Of Avalon Reiki Attunement
Azure Shakti Attunement
Back Care Reiki Energy System
Bad Karma Remover Reiki
Bam!!! Reiki
Banishing Winds Reiki
Bear Empowerment Reiki Attunement
Bear Medicine Reiki
Beauty Body Enhancement Attunement
Beauty Reiki
Becoming A New Reiki Channeler Reiki
Becoming A Witch Reiki
Becoming Whole Again Reiki Package
Bereavement Healing Flush Reiki
Bhakti Flush Reiki
Big Brave Bond Attunement
BioMagnetic Body Activation
Birthstones Healing Program
Bizarre Beliefs Bouncer
Black Cohosh Protection and Negativity Flush
Black Dogs—Guardians of the Crossroads & Keepers of the Gates Reiki
Black Elk Shamanic Healing System
Black Vortex Reiki
Blackstar Sapphire Energy Reiki
Blessings of the Prosperity Angels
Blockage Breaker Reiki
Blockages Removal Vibration Reiki
Blood Care Reiki Energy System
Blue Lotus Energy Healing System
Blue Ray Lemurian Healing Attunement
Blue Spiral Connection
Blue Star Angilone Empowerment
Blue Star Energetic Device
Blue Star Lemurian Healing Empowerment
Blue Star Reiki Attunement
Body Care Energy System Attunement
Body Consciousness Enhancement of Food Absorption Reiki
Body pH Balancing Attunement
Body Power Cleaner Reiki
Body Toxic Cleansing Reiki
Bold Warrior Goddess Within Healing System Reiki
Bonding Empowerment
Bone Care Reiki Energy System
Break Beyond Reiki
Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki
Breaking the Chains Empowerment
Breaking Up Dense Energy Lightwork
Breakthrough Reiki
Brighid’s Healing Waters Empowerment
Brighids Flame Reiki
Bright Star Reiki – Tapping Into Your Full Potential
Bring Back Lover Spell Flush Reiki
Broken Heart Empowerment Reiki
Building Self Esteem Reiki
Bullying Flush Reiki
Business Miracles Reiki
Business Organization & Time Management Reiki
Butterfly and Moth Energy Reiki
Butterfly Maiden—Goddess of Transformation Empowerment
Cabbalistic Emotions Yoga Distance Reiki
Calm Kitty Reiki
Calming Flush
Cancer Care Reiki – Healing and Recovery
Celestial Abundance Encoding
Celestial Abundance Encoding Reiki
Celestial Creativity Encoding
Celestial Divinity Encoding
Celestial Djinn’ Portal Reiki
Celestial Encodings Package – 9 Attunements
Celestial Golden Chi Reiki – 2 levels
Celestial Healing Encoding
Celestial Love Encoding
Celestial Moon Reiki Attunement
Celestial Peace Encoding
Celestial Protection Encoding
Celestial Psychic Encoding
Celestial Reiki
Celestial Serenity Encoding
Celtic Dragon Reiki
Celtic Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels
Celtic Transformational Healing Attunement
Celtic Wisdom Reiki Attunement
Ceremonial White Magic Reiki Attunement
Cerridwen Empowerment Reiki
Chakra Cleansing Empowerment
Chakra Flush Reiki
Chakra Healing Package
Chakra Healing Reiki Attunement
Chakra Healing Reiki Website
Chakra Key 1 Attunement
Chakra Key 1&2 Attunements
Chakra Key 2 Attunement
Chakra Light Attunements
Chakra Prana Empowerments
Chakra Repair Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Chandra Aura Reiki
Channelling Flush Empowerment
Chaos Flush Reiki
Chariots Of Fire Activation
Charm Magick Essence Reiki
Chenrezig Reiki
Childhood Blockages Flush Reiki
Children’s Angelic Light Reiki Attunement
Chinese Dragon Empowerment Reiki
Christ Consciousness Flush Empowerment
Chromacolor Fire Body Reiki
Clairsentient Awakening Attunement
Clean Break Reiki
Cleansing Aqua Energy Essence
Clear Light Flush Reiki
Clear Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Clearing Business Fears, Anxiety, & Negative Attachment Reiki
Clearing Jealousy Reiki
Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki
Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment Reiki
Clearing Symptoms Empowerment Reiki
Cloak of Jesus Activation
Cloud 9 Heavenly Reiki
Cognitive Upgrade Attunement
Color Of The Fairies Reiki
Colors Of Money Reiki
Colour Reiki For Children
Colours Of Angels Reiki Attunement
Come To Me Magick Essence Reiki
Communication Flush Empowerment
Communication With Spirit Guides, Angels, & Totem Animals Lightwork
Compassion and Gifts of Goddess Kuan Yin
Compassion Mandala Reiki
Cone of Light Energy Lightwork Attunement
Connective Tissue Service Empowerment
Conscious Reiki
Constantine Reiki – The Power Within
Copia Goddess of Abundance Empowerment
Copper Elemental Spirit Empowerment
Cosmic Abundance Reiki
Cosmic Alchemy Reiki
Cosmic Caduceus Reiki
Cosmic Combinations Reiki
Cosmic Containers Reiki
Cosmic Crystals Reiki
Cosmic Currency Reiki
Cosmic Exchange Reiki
Cosmic Keys Reiki
Cosmic Kundalini Reiki
Cosmic Money Beings Reiki
Cosmic Release Reiki
Cosmic Siblings Empowerment
Cosmic Soul Mate Love Connection Reiki
Cosmic Stargate Attunement
Courage and Strength Manifestation
Courage and Strength Reiki Empowerment
Court Protection Magic Spell Flush
Coyote Reiki Empowerment
Craniosacral Care Attunement
Crazy Horse Medicine Way Attunement
Creative Purple Energy Essence
Creativity Flush Reiki
Creativity Mandala Reiki
Crone Wisdom of Goddess Morrigan Empowerment
Crossing Over Brigade Initiation
Crossroads Energy Empowerment
Crow Empowerment
Crown Chakra Blessing Empowerment
Cry Of The Phoenix Reiki
Crystal Being Therapy Attunement
Crystal Children’s Light Empowerment Reiki
Crystal Deva Empowerment Reiki
Crystal Dragons Reiki
Crystal Dreams Lightwork Reiki
Crystal Eyes Reiki
Crystal Faery Shield Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Crystal Reiki
Crystal Rose Empowerment
Crystalline Clear Blue Multidimensional Attunement
Crystalline Green Ray Attunement
Crystalline Rays Stabilizer
Crystalline Red Ray Attunement
Curandera Reiki
Curing Mind Fog Reiki
Cutting The Cords Of Attachment Reiki
Cycles Reiki
Da’at Void of Potential Awakening Attunement
Daily Meditation Flush Reiki
Deep Addiction Cleanse & Release Reiki
Deep Blue Reiki
Deep Healing Reiki
Deep Red Empowerment Reiki
Deep Sleep Empowerment
Deer Reiki Empowerment
Depression Flush Reiki
De-Program Self Punishment Reiki
Descension Integration
Desire Manifestation Empowerment
Diamond Business Light Reiki
Diamond Heart Aladya Attunement
Diamond Of Prosperity Reiki
Diamond of Zapharel Attunement
Digestive Care Reiki Energy System
Discernment Flush Empowerment Reiki
Divine Alchemy Reiki
Divine Blessing Shakti Reiki
Divine Blessings of Grace Empowerment
Divine Clearing Ray Reiki
Divine Energy Transformer
Divine Guidance In Decisions Manifestation Reiki
Divine Harmony Reiki – ALL 3 LEVELS
Divine Harmony Reiki – Level 1
Divine Harmony Reiki – Level 2
Divine Harmony Reiki – Level 3
Divine Holy Beam Empowerment Reiki
Divine Human Angel Reiki
Divine Inheritance Flush Empowerment
Divine Inspirations Flush
Divine Light Reiki Attunement
Divine Love Flow Energy Reiki
Divine Magic Flush
Divine Magick Reiki
Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation
Divine Presence Reiki
Divine Provision Reiki – ALL 3 LEVELS
Divine Provision Reiki ™ level 1
Divine Provision Reiki ™ level 2
Divine Provision Reiki ™ level 3
Divine Shakti Empowerment
Divine Source Mandala Reiki
Divine Will Reiki – 3 levels
Divinity Initiations Attunement
Divinorum Transmission
DNA 4 Success Reiki
DNA Healing Attunement
DNA Light Integrative Reiki
DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation
Doctor Fritz Backenehim Multidimensional Healer Reiki
Dog Empowerment
Dolphin Heart Reiki
Dolphin Prism Empowerments
Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Attunement Reiki
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki Attunement
Dolphin White Wave Healing Reiki
Dolphins Of Atlantis Reiki
Dos Rios Reiki
Dragon Empowerment Reiki
Dragon Ki Reiki
Dragon LightWorker Trilogy
Dragon Reiki – 2 levels
Dragon Transformation Vortex Initiation
Dragon Warrior Initiation
Dragon Winds Healing Reiki
Dragon’s Fire Reiki
Dragonfly Vibration Harmony Reiki
Dragonheart Essential Reiki
Dragons Of Light And Empowerment Reiki
Dravite Light Elixir Attunement
Dream Cocoon Energy Empowerment
Dream Light High Resonance Reiki
Dream Voyage of The Swan Attunement
Dream Work Completion Empowerment
Dreams Interpretation Flush Reiki
Drisana 30 Tibetan Empowerments
Drop In Care Reiki Energy System
Dubhe Star Essence
Durga Shakti Empowerment
Dynamic Sacred Space Reiki
Dysfunctional Patterns Remove Reiki
Eagle of Light Brigade Attunement
Earth Diamond Positive Vibration Empowerment
Earth Energy Connection Attunement
Earth Harmony Reiki
Earthbound Spirits Flush Attunement
EarthStar Super Radiance
Eating Disorder Help Team Attunement
Efficiency Empowerment
Efficient Memory Shakti
Egyptian Energies Package Reiki
Egyptian Reiki Healing Website
El Morya Healing System Of Reiki
Elemental Pentagram & Magic Reiki
Elemental Reiki Attunement
Elemental Reiki System Of Magic And Healing
Elen Of The Ways Initiation & Healing System
Elixirs Reiki Attunement
Elven Energy Empowerment Lightwork
Elven Shamanic Healing Reiki Attunement
Elven Star Connection Empowerment
Emerald Crystal Healing and Manifestation Reiki
Emerald Essence Attunement
Emerald Light Vortex
Emotion Flush Reiki
Emotional Auto Immune Disease Healing Reiki
Emotional Body Rainbow Flame Aura Crystalline Flush
Emotional Cancer and Tumor Healing Reiki
Emotional Care Energy System
Emotional Cleaning White Magick Spell Flush
Emotional Digestive Track Healing Reiki
Emotional Eating Disorders Healing Reiki
Emotional Five Senses Healing Reiki
Emotional Freedom Reiki
Emotional Healing Reiki
Emotional Heart Comfort Reiki
Emotional Heart Healing Reiki
Emotional Nervous System Healing Reiki
Emotional Osteoporosis Healing Reiki
Emotional Respiratory Healing Reiki
Emotional Stability Booster Reiki
Emotional Urinary Track Healing Reiki
Empath Protection Activation and Clearing Reiki
Empathy Negative Attachment Protection Reiki
Empowered Goddess Within Flush
Empowerment Reiki Attunement
EMR Reiki Attunement (Electromagnetic Radiation)
Enchanted Agate Essence Energy Attunement
Enchanted Fairy Goddess Reiki
Enchanted Ruby Essence Energy Attunement
Energetic Alignment Reiki Attunements
Energetic Aura Reiki
Energetic Booster Axis Attunement
Energetic Cleaning Empowerment Reiki
Energetic Clearing Reiki
Energetic Life Protection Attunement
Energetic Magick of John Dee Empowerment
Energetic Salt Bath Empowerment
Energy & Magic Of The Fairies Reiki
Energy Implants Neutralizer
Energy of Abundant Money Empowerment
Energy Protection of Archangel Michael
Energy Psychology Reiki
Energy Transference LightWork Program
Energy Vampire Protection Cloak
Enhancing Intuition And Psychic Abilities Manifestation Reiki
Environmental Stress Removal Attunement
Erotes Empowerment Attunement
Erotic Empowerments Reiki
Essential Earth Love Attunement
Essential Goldfish Empowerment
Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment™
Eternal Healing Light Reiki Attunement
Eternal Lights of Beauty Reiki
Eternal Sacred Source Empowerment
Ethereal Anointing Reiki
Ethereal Crystals Reiki 1-12
Ethereal Flowers Reiki Attunement
Ethereal Herbs Reiki Attunement
Ethereal Sacred Protection Seal Initiation
Etheric Body Healing Attunement
Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequence 1
Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequences 1-4
Etheric Clearing Sequence 2 – Entity Removal Attunement
Etheric Clearing Sequence 3 – Implant Removal Attunement
Etheric Cord Flush Reiki
Etheric Cord Removal Reiki
Etheric Cord Shield Attunement
Etheric Crystals of Avalon Lightwork
Etheric Dragon Athame
Etheric Hands Awakening
Etheric Manifestation Energy Safeguard Reiki
Everyday Manifesting Empowerment Reiki
Evil Eye Flush Reiki
Excalibur Reiki Attunement
Excess Fat Care
Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti
Exorcism Reiki
Eye Of Horus Activation Reiki
Eye of the Storm Reiki
Fae Spirit of the White Phoenix Reiki Lightwork
Faeries Magick Spells Energy Reiki
Faery Flora Energies Empowerment
Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey Wand Healing System
Faery Realm of Goddess Morrigan Le Fey Empowerment
Faery Reiki
Faery Spirit Healing Reiki
Fairies of Prosperity and Happiness Reiki
Fairies Of The Roses Empowerment Reiki
Fairies Of The Sea Reiki
Fairy Godmother Reiki
Fairy Light Reiki Attunement
Fairy Lightworker Program
Fairy Realms Reiki
Fairy Reiki Attunements + Website
Fairy Tree Spirit Energy Attunement
Fallen Angels Banishing And Protection Reiki
Family Care Reiki
Family Protection Flush Reiki
Fantastic Leader Reiki
Fat Decomposers Energy Beam Reiki
Fat Flush Reiki
Fear Blockages Energy Flush Reiki
Fear Disorders Reiki
Fear Release Energetic Device Reiki
Fearless Reiki
Feline Love Reiki
Female Power Shakti
Feminine Power of Creation Reiki
Financial & Economic Energy Boost Empowerment
Financial Energetic Care Reiki
Financial Fear Flush Empowerment Reiki
Fire Crystal Reiki
Fire Light Energy Core Device Reiki
Fire of Prosperity Reiki
Fire Of The Phoenix Reiki
Fire Spectrum – 5 Attunements
Fire Vortex Beauty Care Reiki
Fire Wheel Clearing Shielding System – 4 Levels
Flight of the Phoenix Reiki
Flow Care Reiki Energy System
Follow Your Heart Empowerment Reiki
Force Factor Five Fear Flush
Forgiveness Energetic Matrix
Forgiveness Flush Empowerment
Forgiveness Mandala Reiki
Forgiving Myself First Reiki
Fortuna Luck Ray Reiki
Fox Empowerment Reiki
Franz Bardon Biomagnetism Reiki
Franz Bardon Magick Reiki
Franz Bardon Mental Magick Reiki
Franz Bardon Psychic Magick Reiki
Freyja Initiation To Step Into Your Inner Power
Friendship Repair Energy Reiki
Full Bloom Manifestation Reiki Attunement
Full Moon Inner Goddess Empowerment Reiki
Full Presence 2011™ Energy Attunement
Full Spectrum Healing Reiki Attunement
Future Reality Background Matrix Synergy
Gabriel’s Financial Empowerment
Gaja Reiki
Galactic Self High Energy Initiation
Galactic Wealth Reiki
Ganesha Anointing Attunement
Ganesha Empowerment Reiki
Garnet Crystal Healing and Manifestation Attunement
Gayatri Seichim Reiki
Gems of Hestia and Vesta Course and Attunement
Genealogy Contract Healing Reiki
Get Unstuck Reiki Empowerment
Giraffe Animal Meditation Empowerment
Gobinde Miracle Empowerment
Goddess Aurora Empowerment
Goddess of Pure Potential Empowerment
Goddess Oya Attunement
Goddess Sulis’ Etherical Hot Springs Reiki
Goddess Venus Course and Empowerment
Gold & Silver Abundance Reiki
Gold Dust Reiki
Gold Reiki Attunement
Golden Ankh Initiation
Golden Armor Energetic Reiki
Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael
Golden Dolphin Merkaba of Love for World Peace
Golden Dove Healing Reiki
Golden Light Reiki – 3 Levels
Golden Pure Vibration Reiki
Golden Ray Reiki Empowerment
Golden Scroll Reiki For Manifestation
Golden Star Activation Reiki
Golden Sun Star Reiki Attunement
Golden Triangle Reiki Attunement
Golden Yellow Energetic Reiki
Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment – 3 levels
Good Karma Reiki
Good Shepherd Protection Shield Activation
Good Sleep Empowerment Reiki
Grace, Purity and Rapture Elohim LightWorker Attunement
Grandfather Sun Reiki
Grandmaster Cedar Temple Attunement
Grandmother Moon Reiki
Gratitude Mandala Reiki
Gratitude Wave Reiki
Green Tara Seichem Reiki Attunement
Green Trilogy Reiki
Greenwoman—Sacred Mother of the Woods Attunement
Griffin Force
Grounding And Revitalizing Reiki Attunement Package
Grounding Empowerment
Grounding Flush Empowerment
Grounding to Gaia Empowerment
Guardian Angel Reiki Attunement
Guardian Angels Miracles Attunement
Guidance Reiki
Guilt Blockages Energy Flush Reiki
Guilt Release Empowerment
Guinea Pig Empowerment
Gypsy Magick Reiki
Happiness Flush Reiki
Happy Reiki Attunement
Harmony Empowerment Reiki
Harmony Stone Attunement
Haunted House Clearing Reiki
Hawaiian Goddess Trilogy Reiki
Hawaiian Trinity Reiki Attunement
He Xian Gu Beauty Femininity & Energetic Reiki
Healing Abundance Reiki
Healing Anxiety Reiki
Healing Elements LightWork
Healing Flow Reiki
Healing Flush Empowerments Reiki
Healing Happiness Manifestation Reiki
Healing Mandala Reiki
Healing Pet Anxiety Reiki
Healing Plants and Mother Earth Reiki
Healing Poverty Consciousness Reiki
Healing Relationships Reiki
Healing Sacred Sound Frequencies Master Reiki
Healing Swan System Reiki
Healing the Conflict Within Reiki
Healing The Inner Child Reiki Attunement
Healing White Energy Essence Attunement
Healthy Ego Reiki
Heart Chakra Flush Reiki
Heart Light Qi Reiki
Heart Of Gold 999 Initiation
Heart of the Witch Empowerment Reiki
Heart to Heart—Love and Passion Reiki
Hearts Desires Activation Program Reiki
Heat Vortex High Vibration Attunement
Heaven Love Beautiful Vibrations Reiki
Hem Ikh Egyptian Shamanic Healing System
Here is a list of all my available reiki attunements. Just click on the link to be taken to the relevant page. If you are looking for a particular reiki energy system and it is not here please send me a message to see if I have forgotten (lol – I am only human) to add it. Just click on the link to be taken to the description. Call back often as I am updating regularly.
High Energy Financial Freedom Reiki
High Energy Healing Reiki – Headaches & Migraines
High Energy Revitalizer Reiki
High Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation System Reiki
High Luminous Shaktipat Empowerment
High Power Energy Boost Lightwork
High Protection Circle Reiki
High Spirits Spells Reiki
High Spiritual Energy Flush
High White Energy Transmitter Attunement
Higher Clearing Ray Reiki
Higher Healing & Manifestation Alignment Reiki
Higher Light Shield Protection Attunement
Higher Self Channeling Program Reiki
Higher Self Journey Activation Program
Higher Self Will Alignment™
Higher Source Lightwork Reiki
Highest Energy Vibrational Healing Reiki
Highest Good Reiki
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance
Ho’omana (Huna) Master Level Attunement
Holistic Medicine Blog Website
Holy Blue Light Matrix
Holy Light High Healing Vibrations Waters Energy Master Reiki
Holy Light Vortex Reiki
Horse Empowerment Reiki Attunement
Howl Of The Wolf Reiki Attunement
Hyacinth Psychic Clearing & Healing Empowerment
Hypno Reiki
I Am Saying Yes To Love Reiki
I Am Wildly Wealthy Reiki
Illusion Buster Shakti Attunement
Imara Reiki Attunement
Income Energetic Pump
Increase Your Healing Power Attunements
Indigo 3rd Eye Power System
Indigo Children Light’s Reiki
Indigo Kids Reiki
Indigo Light Body Vibrational Attunement
Indigo Light Empowerment
Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children Empowerment Package
Infinite Alchemy Reiki
Infinite Flow Reiki
Infinite Pathways Reiki
Infinity Body Attunement
Infinity Energy Healing LightWork
Infinity Living Attunement System – 13 Attunements
Injustice Flush Empowerment Reiki
Inner Angel Awakening Reiki Empowerment
Inner Beauty Reiki Attunement
Inner Body Protector Energy System Attunement
Inner Child Essence Attunement
Inner Child Trauma Relief Attunement
Inner Clarity Energy System
Inner Conflict And Choices Energy Reiki
Inner Eye Empowerment
Inner Freedom Blasting Empowerment
Inner Light Reiki
Inner Passion Flame Reiki
Inner Self – Hidden Truth Reiki Attunement
Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop
Inner Strength Reiki
Inner Sun Reiki Attunement
Inner Truth Reiki
Inner Warrior Attunement
Inner Wounds Revocation Attunement
Inspiration Reiki
Intention Amplifier Empowerment
Intention Increase Reiki
Interdimensional Medical Team
Intimacy Flush Empowerment
Intuition 999 Initiation
Intuition and Enorasi Reiki
Intuition Empowerment Reiki
Intuition Reiki
Isis Blue Moon Reiki Attunement
Isis Seichim Reiki
Jade Dragon Reiki
Joint Care Reiki Energy System
Journey To the Divine Activation Program
Joy Medicine Mandala Reiki
Joyful Wealth Reiki
Kapuna Healing Reiki Attunements – 4 Levels
Karma Release and Empowerment Reiki
Karma Removal Reiki
Karmic Auric Reiki
Karmic Council Reiki
Karmic Flush Empowerment
Karmic Illness Flush Empowerment
Karmic Money Flush Reiki
Karmic Relationships Clearing Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki Attunement
Kava Reiki – 4 levels
Key To Abundance Reiki
Key to Life Purpose Empowerment Reiki
Ki Manna Reiki
Kidneys And Bladder Care Attunement
Kuan Yin Blessings
Kundalini Meditation Blog Website
Kundalini Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels
Kundalini Reiki Boosters
Labradorite Ray of Spiritual Awakening Reiki
Labradorite Sphere Energy Attunement
Lavender Flame of Quan Yin Reiki
Lavender Higher Helper Attunement
Laviliat Reiki Attunement
Law Of Attraction Blog Website
Lemurian Crystal Band of Light Attunement
Lemurian Indigo Connections Attunement
Lemurian Seeds Reiki Package
Letting Go Manifestation Reiki
Letting Go Of Resistance Reiki
Life Coaching Blog Website
Life Contracts Lightwork Reiki
Life Force Infusion System – 3 Levels
Life Path Empowerment Attunement
Life Protection Orb
Life’s Possibilities Flush Empowerment
Light Beam Energy Explosion Lightwork
Light Bodies 8-12 Enlightenment Reiki
Light Body Chakras 1-7 Empowerment Reiki
Light Body Integration
Light Codes Of Ambrosia Attunement
Light Concentration Increase Rays Attunement
Light Dream Reiki Attunement
Light Of Archangels Empowerment Reiki
Light of Enlightenment Reiki
Light Of Forgiveness Reiki
Light Of Lemuria Reiki
Light Of Love Reiki Empowerment
Light of Mind Third Eye Star Empowerment
Light of Muses Empowerment
Light Of Prosperity Reiki Attunement
Light Of The Angels Empowerment Reiki
Light Of The Soul Reiki
Light Of Transition Empowerment Reiki
Light Of Truth Reiki
Light of Zapharel Initiation Package
Lion Reiki
Liquid Love Attunement
Listen My Inner Master Reiki
Liver Care Reiki Energy System
Location Protection Reiki
Lotus Body Vibration Attunement
Lotus Crystal Reiki
Lotus Frequency Matrix Attunement
Lotus Healer Reiki
Love And Friendship Manifestation
Love And Return Of The Unicorns Reiki
Love Flow Reiki
Love Flush Reiki
Love Light Synthesis Reiki
Love Mandala Reiki
Love, Forgiveness and Magic of the Angels Reiki
Luminous Energy Field Clearing Empowerment
Lunar Balance Energy Empowerment
Lunar Light Reiki Attunement
Lunar Phase Meditation Program Reiki
Lung Adaptation Empowerment
Lung Care Attunement
Luranis High energy initiation in the frequency 999
Magic Liquid Energizer Attunement
Magic Protection Reiki
Magic Reiki
Magical Light Blessings Reiki
Magical Nature Reiki Attunement Course
Magical Shamanic Drums Reiki
Magician Empowerment
Magick Balance & Harmony Empowerment Reiki
Magick Eye of the Seer Reiki
Magick of the Four Seasons Lightwork Reiki
Magick of the Unicorn Empowerment Reiki
Magick Reiki Attunement Package
Magick Reiki Better Business
Magick Reiki Cleansing
Magick Reiki Clearing and Healing Trauma
Magick Reiki Confidence
Magick Reiki Creativity
Magick Reiki Demon Banish Attunement
Magick Reiki Destiny
Magick Reiki Ever Flowing Abundance Attunement
Magick Reiki Evil Be Gone
Magick Reiki Fast Cash
Magick Reiki Fortune and Fame
Magick Reiki Get Out of Debt
Magick Reiki Gratitude Boost
Magick Reiki Grounding
Magick Reiki Hex Breaker
Magick Reiki House Clearing Attunement
Magick Reiki Inner Peace
Magick Reiki Intuition Boost
Magick Reiki Jinx Removal
Magick Reiki Legal Justice
Magick Reiki Magick Marketing Attunement
Magick Reiki Money
Magick Reiki Protection Attunement
Magick Reiki Reflect Back
Magick Reiki Steady Income Attunement
Magick Reiki Stop Gossip
Magick Reiki Strength and Power
Magick Reiki Success
Magick Reiki Wisdom and Learning
Magickal and Prophecy Wisdom Creation Attunement
Magickal Color Reiki
Magickal Crystal Lightworker System
Magickal Dolphin Healing Reiki
Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program (1-5 levels)
Magickal Lightworker Program
Magickal Shaman Lightworker Course
Magickal Spell Amplification
Magickal Talisman Empowerment
Magickal Tree Essence Reiki
Magnetic Money Booster Infusion Reiki Empowerment
Maha Kali Seichim Reiki
Maitri Vihara Reiki
Mangala Charn Empowerment
Manifestation Empowerment Reiki
Manifestation Guidance Program Package
Manifesting Love Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Manifesting Reality Through Sacred Angelic Sequences Reiki
Manifesting Success Lightwork
Manifesting True Change Reiki Empowerment
Manifesting Wealth Empowerment
Manifesting, Attracting and Unfolding Empowerment
Mantra Empowerment Reiki Course
Marie Laveau Essence Reiki
Master Dreamer—Astral Travel, Lucid Dream Reiki
Master Space Clearing Attunement
Master Witchy Spells Kit
Mastering Destiny Empowerment Reiki
Mastering Fear Reiki
Matrix 7 Attunement
Mayan Reiki Training
Medication By-Product Remover
Medicine Buddha Reiki Attunement
Medicine Mandala Attunements Course (11 Attunements)
Meditation Blog Website
Meditation Flush Empowerment
Meet My Soulmate Spell Flush
Melek Metatron Corona Attunement
Melek Metatron Magnetic Attunement
Menopause Reiki (3 levels)
Mental Deep Care Attunement
Mental Flush Empowerments
Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer Reiki
Merlin Magick Spells Attunement
Metaphysical Harmony Healing Reiki
Metatron’s Cube
Meteorite Energy Attunements
Milarepa-Yogi of Tibet Empowerment Reiki
Mind Control Resistance Rays
Mindfulness Reiki Do Attunement
Miracles Reiki
Mithras Smiles Empowerment
Money 500 Empowerment
Money Angel Reiki
Money Blessings of Kuan Yin Empowerment
Money Flood Empowerment Reiki
Money Miracles Reiki
Money Protection Reiki
Money Recall Magick Essence Reiki
Money Reiki Attunement
Money Reiki for A New Reality
Money River Reiki
Money Sacred Source Reiki
Money Seed Reiki Attunement
Moose Empowerment
Mor Sanos Orra Attunement
Mother Goddess Empowerment
Mother of the Elements Reiki
Moving Forward On Your Path Manifestation Reiki
Moxibustion Therapy Attunement
Multi Level Prosperity Reiki Package
Multidimensional Awareness Clearing & Activation Reiki
Multidimensional Heavenly Power Portal Reiki
Multidimensional Karmic Ascension Reiki
Multi-Dimensional Money Reiki
Multidimensional Self Flush Empowerment Reiki
Munay Ki Shamanic Reiki
My Way Home Reiki
Myst of the Unicorn Reiki Lightwork
Mystic Healer Reiki
Mystical Assistant Empowerment
Mystical Black Panther Empowerment Reiki
Mystical Mermaid Healing System
Mystique Empowerment
Namasmarana Flush
Namgyalma Mother Buddha Reiki
Natural Devas & Fairies Reiki
Natural Essence Purification
Natural Light Vortex Attunement
Nature Elements System
Nature Energy Refresher
Nature Essence Purification Reiki
Nature Medicine Mandala Reiki
Nature Reiki for Children
Nature Shaman Reiki
Necari Energy Healing System
Negative Emotions Clearing Flush and Holistic Balance Empowerment
Negative Entities Clearing Reiki Empowerment
Negative Patterns Blasting Attunement
Negative Patterns Busting Reiki
Negative Thoughts Flush
Negativity Flush Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Nerve Care Reiki Energy System
Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System
New Earth Reality Attunement
New Earth Teacher Levels 1-9
New Earth Teacher Reiki Attunements + Website
New Energy Healing Reiki
New Lemurian Energy Attunement
New Life Reiki
New Love, Light and Hope Reiki
New Moon Manifestation Reiki
New Year Motivations Reiki
Number One Spirit Generator Reiki
Nwyfre Celtic Shamanic Healing
Ocean Breeze Empowerment Reiki
Ocean Friends Reiki
Ocean Mother Full Moon Initiation
Och Empowerments Reiki
Old Energies Release Flush
One Spirit Shaman Reiki
Oneness Reiki Attunement
Open Heart Reiki
Open the Path of Antahkarana Reiki
Open the Path to Mediumship Reiki
Opulent Living Empowerment
Orb Of Life Reiki Attunement
Ouija Protective Flush Reiki
Outside Influence Protection Empowerment
Overcoming Panic Attacks & Excessive Fear Reiki
Owl Reiki Empowerment
Pachamama Aura Reiki Attunement
Pagan Elemental Attunement
Pagan Wheel Of The Year Attunements
Pale Green Muscovite Empowerment
Pancreas Care Reiki Energy System
Panic Attacks Blog Website
Paracelso Reiki
Past Life Blog Website
Past Life Reiki
Past Life Traumas Healing Reiki
Past Lives Blockages Flush Reiki
Path Of Power Reiki
Path of Yemaya Reiki
Pax Goddess Of Peace Empowerment
Peace Flush Reiki
Peace Love Energy Download Reiki
Peace Reiki
Pelvic Basket Shakti Set
Pendulum Flush Reiki
Perfect Love, Perfect Trust Empowerment Reiki
Perfect Weight Attunement
Personal Bio Force Vibration
Personal Cosmology
Personal Empowerment Lightwork Reiki
Personal Imprint Remover
Personal Power Empowerment
Personal Power Healer Balancer Reiki Attunement
Personal Power Manifestation Reiki
Pet Bereavement Reiki
Phoenix Light Reiki
Phoenix Rising Reiki Attunement
Photon Energy Activation
Photon Energy Creator Light Attunement
Pink Flame Radiance Reiki
Pink Light Vortex
Pixie Unicorn Empowerment Reiki
Planetary Intelligences Empowerments
Platinum Ray Empowerment Reiki
Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Programme – 7 Attunements
Pomba Gira Reiki
Portal Reiki Healing & Empowerment Reiki
Positive People Empowerment
Positive Vibrations Flush
Post Traumatic Stress Release Energetic Device
Poverty Flush Reiki
Power Animal Reiki
Power Break Empowerment Master Reiki
Power Centers Attunement
Power Wolf Essence Reiki
Pre-Attunement Empowerment
Pregnancy Care Reiki Energy System
Present Karma Lifetime Cleanse Reiki
Prime Reiki
Procrastination Flush Reiki
Prolific Sales Activator Reiki
Prospering Power Of The Green Fairy Energy Attunement
Prosperity Alchemy Reiki
Prosperity Chi Empowerment Reiki
Prosperity Clearing Reiki
Prosperity Consciousness Empowerment
Prosperity Flow Reiki
Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment
Prosperity Now Empowerment Reiki
Prosperity Transmutation Energy
Prostaglandin Care Reiki Energy System
Prostate Care Reiki Energy System
Protection Against Emotional, Mental Abuse, & Psychic Attacks Reiki
Protection Black Energy Essence Reiki
Protection Flow Reiki
Protection Healing Orb
Protection Ki Vibration
Protection of Goddess Kali Ma Empowerment
Protection Reiki Empowerment
Protective Flush Reiki
Protective Rose Camouflage Empowerment
Psychic Blog Website
Psychic Clarity Empowerment
Psychic Contamination Flush
Psychic Forces Reiki
Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment Reiki
Psychic Indigo Energy Essence Attunement
Psychic Messages Reiki
Psychic Orb Empowerment
Psychic Protection Flame Reiki
Psychic Reading Flush Reiki
Psychic Reiki Attunement
Psychic Reiki Attunements And Website
Psychic Unicorn Wisdom Reiki
Psychomagic Reiki
Pure Energy Radiance Attunement
Pure Heart Resonance Attunement
Pure Light Source Energy Healing Reiki
Pure Perpetual Potency
Pure Spirit Empowerments Workshop
Pure White Flush Reiki
Purple Laser Energy Life Reiki
Purple Prosperity Reiki
Purple Reiki
Purple Violet Essence Attunement
Quan Yin Ascension Course
Quantum Energetic Body Reiki
Quantum Energy Shield Attunement
Quantum Purification Healing Reiki
Quartz Crystal Archive Key Awakening
Quit Smoking Reiki
Raccoon Reiki Empowerment
Radiant Lights Of self Forgiveness Reiki
Radionic Cleaning Reiki
Radium Chakra Protector
Rainbow Aura Essence Attunement
Rainbow Butterfly Attunement
Rainbow Chakra Circle Reiki
Rainbow Children’s Light Reiki
Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment
Rainbow Light Healing Reiki
Rainbow Lightning Reiki
Rainbow Mandala Reiki
Rainbow Orb Empowerment
Rainbow Rays Sacred Stone Activation
Rainbow Shakti Reiki
Rainbow-Gate Attunement
Rainforest Reiki
Rakama Transmutation Reiki Course
Raku Kei Master Attunement
Random Generated Shield Overlay Course
Ranna Neidda Reiki
Rays Of Aten Healing System
Reach for the Stars Empowerment
Reaching Goals Reiki
Real Vampire Reiki
Rebirthing Clearing Reiki Attunement
Red Dragon Initiation
Reflections Reiki
Reiki Information Blog Website
Reiki Meridian Flushes Reiki
Reiki Vacuum for Space Clearing
Reiki Vajra Aruna
Rejection Flush Empowerment Reiki
Rejuvenation Empowerment
Rejuvenation Regeneration Reiki
Relationship Repair Shakti
Relationship Transformation Reiki
Releasing Anxiety Reiki
Releasing Doubt Empowerment
Releasing Resistance Reiki
Releasing Shame Reiki
Releasing the Chaos of Change Reiki
Releasing the Iron Grip of the Past Reiki
Releasing Toxic People, Places & Things Reiki
Remembering My Divine Self Reiki Empowerment
Remote Hands On Power Healing Reiki
Remove Challenging Obstacles Reiki
Remove Negative Reiki Attunements Empowerment
Removing Negative Energy Attachments Reiki
Replenishing Shakti Reiki
Resentment Flush
Responsibility Reiki
Responsive Meridian Flush
Rising To The Challenge Manifestation Reiki
Rising Vibrations Reiki
Road Opener Reiki
Root Chakra Re-Alignment Energy System
Rose Vibrational Clearing Attunement
Roseann Angelic Reiki
Ruby Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Run Valdr (Runic Reiki) Attunement
Sacred Blood Elixir Attunement
Sacred Blue Ray Reiki Attunement
Sacred Breath Reiki
Sacred Crystal Ray Attunement
Sacred Earth Chakras Attunement
Sacred Earth Reiki Attunement
Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence Reiki
Sacred Flames Reiki Attunement
Sacred Geometry Reiki Attunement
Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki
Sacred Hamsa Reiki
Sacred Heart of Jesus Empowerment
Sacred Indigo Ray Reiki Attunement
Sacred Moon Reiki
Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing System
Sacred Path Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels
Sacred Silver Moon Empowerment Course
Sacred Space Grid Attunement
Sacred Stones Reiki Activation
Safe Journey Travel Protection Reiki
Sales & Marketing Reiki
Samhain – All Hallows Eve Attunement
Samskharas Shamanic Cleansing Mastery Reiki
Sapphire Crystal Healing and Manifestation Reiki
Sapphires Of Angels Reiki Attunement
Scarcity Mentality Flush Empowerment
Scarcity Release Empowerment Reiki
Scoliosis Healing Reiki
Sekhem Seichem Reiki
Self Care Reiki
Self Esteem Flush
Self Knowledge Rays Reiki
Self Love and Respect Manifestation
Self Love Reiki And FREE Serenity Energy Flush Reiki
Self Transformational Symbols
Sephiroth Care Reiki
Seven Pearls Of Reiki Attunement
Sexual Empowerment
Shadow Phoenix—Black Phoenix of Protection
Shadow Self Empowerment Reiki
Shakti Kundalini – Super Power Reiki
Shaman Care Session Energy System
Shaman Empowerments Course
Shaman Force Attunement Reiki
Shaman Mesa Reiki
Shaman Power Master Training
Shaman Rattle Reiki
Shamanic Energy Healing Reiki
Shamanic Prosperity Blessings Flush Reiki
Shamanic Sacred Smokes Reiki
Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki Attunement
Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master
Sheen Obsidian Shakti
Shen Energy Attunement
Shield Of Archangel Michael Reiki Attunement
Shirodhara Energy Healing Reiki
Shooting Star Reiki
Silicate Crystal Care Attunement
Silver Fire Protective Shield Attunement
Silver Flame Reiki
Silver Ice Shield Activation
Silver Rain Attunement
Silver Violet Flame Reiki Attunement
Sinus Care Reiki
Skin Care Reiki Energy System
Skywalker Reiki
Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing and Manifestation
Smooth Transitions Reiki
Snap of the Dragon Reiki
Social Anxiety Disorder Flush Reiki
Solar Light Reiki Attunement
Sole Wolf Journey Reiki And Meditation
Solving Primal Relationships Blockages Attunement
Soul Beacon Reiki Attunement
Soul Care Energy Reiki System – Level 3
Soul Care Energy Reiki System – Level 4
Soul Care Energy Reiki System – Level 5
Soul Care Energy Reiki System Package
Soul Care Reiki Energy System – Level 1
Soul Care Reiki Energy System – Level 2
Soul Happiness Reiki
Soul Healing Reiki
Soul Light Reiki
Soul Listening Lightwork—Nature Inspirations
Soul Mate Reiki
Soul Money Empowerment
Soul Relationship Empowerment Reiki
Soul Release & Relief Reiki
Soul Retrieval Shamanic Orb Attunement
Soul Shakti Reiki – Level 1
Soul Shakti Reiki – Level 2
Soul Shakti Reiki – Levels 1&2
Soul Star Seichim
Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart, Soul Mate Connection Activation
Soul Transition Beyond Reiki
Soulmate Magnet Reiki
Spell Clearing Reiki
Spinal Care Reiki Energy System
Spiral Meditation Inspiration Bug Empowerment
Spiral of Life Reiki
Spirit Clearing Vortex Reiki
Spirit Energy Healing Attunement
Spirit Guide Journey Activation Reiki
Spirit of the Four Winds Reiki
Spirit Reiki Attunement
Spirit Steed Reiki Attunement
Spirit to Spirit Communication Reiki
Spiritfire Reiki
Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki
Spiritual Animal Healer Program
Spiritual Awakening – Ascension Symptoms Shield Activation
Spiritual Blue Energy Essence
Spiritual Course Composition Initiation™
Spiritual Force Transmutation Reiki
Spiritual Leadership Flush Reiki
Spiritual Lights of Abundance Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Spiritual Power Influx System
Spiritual Radiance Healing Reiki
Spiritual Surgery Reiki
Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation Reiki
Spirulina Spectrum Ray Attunement
Star Energetic Charger
Star Healing Reiki – Animal Healing
Star Light High Frequency Reiki
Star Maiden Empowerment Reiki
Star Of Goddess Ishtar Empowerment Reiki
Starburst New Beginnings Reiki
Starlight Reiki
Starseed Transmission Activation Reiki
Stop Procrastination Now Reiki
Stop Smoking Forever Empowerment Reiki
Strategic Skills Empowerment
Strength Movers Of The Light Reiki
Subconscious Clearing Reiki
Subconscious Healing Shakti
Subtle Body Care Attunement
Success Flow Reiki
Success Flush
Summer Solstice Empowerment Reiki
Summoning Money Reiki
Summoning Success Reiki
Summoning True Love and Friendship Reiki
Summoning Your Personal Familiar Reiki
Sun Heart Energetic Device Reiki
Sunrise Healing Ray Empowerment
Super Energy Protection
Super Power Body—Increase Energy Reiki
Super Power Burst – Prosperity & Abundance Reiki
Super Power Burst Protection & Clearing Reiki
Supreme Golden Reinforcement Device
Synapse Care Reiki Energy System
Synchronistic Reiki
Synergy Within™ Attunement
Tachyon 2008 Reiki
Tantra Twin Quartz Essence Empowerment Reiki
Tarot Reading Flush
Telepathic Reiki
Telepathy Empowerment
Telepathy Gene Awakening Reiki Attunement
Telos Healing System Reiki
Tempest Reiki
The 4 Thieves Magick Essence Reiki
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Blue Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Green Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Pink Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Ruby Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Violet Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The White Ray of Light Initiation
The 7 Rays Of Light Series: The Yellow Ray of Light Initiation
The 72 Light Healers Reiki
The Angel of Joy and Relaxation Empowerment
The Beauty Within Empowerment
The Divine Rays Reiki Attunement (12 Attunements)
The Dragon Pearl Reiki
The Ego Flush Empowerment
The Energy Of Love From Merlin Attunement
The Energy Of Success And Prosperity Of Angel Anauel
The Gold Ray Of Raphael Reiki
The Golden Eye Grid
The Grand Crystal of Avalon Lightwork
The Herkimer Diamond Ray of Attunement
The Hindu Triumvirate Initiations level 1
The Key of Archangel Raziel Activation
The Lessons of Karma High Energy Lightwork
The Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek Attunement
The Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb
The Quabbalistical Elemental Powers Energy
The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique Attunement
The Sacred Rainbow Ribbon of Protection Attunement
The Seventh Seal Empowerments
The Violet Lights Of Buddha Attunement
Therapeutic Lavender Ray Reiki
Thinking Outside The Box Reiki
Third Eye Psychic Empowerment
Thought Progression Adjustment Shakti
Tibetan Black Quartz Reiki
Tibetan Reiki Attunement
Tibetan Soul Star Reiki Attunement
Tiger Reiki Attunement
Tikun Hakklali Shakti
Time Line Healing Flush Reiki
Time Reiki
TMJ Care Reiki Energy System
Tooth Care Reiki Energy System
Totem Animals Master Shamanic Reiki
Totem Reiki
Toxic Family Shield
Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Reiki
Trade Reiki Trilogy
Trager Team Empowerment
Transformation Guide Spirit Energy
Transmutation Violet Energy Essence
Trauma Healing Flush 2015
Tree of Life Reiki
Tridaya Master Attunements
Triple Power Reiki
Triple Shield Reiki Empowerment Attunement
Triple Star Reiki—Money, Love, & Healing
Triple Warmer Meridian Care Attunement
True Identity Reiki
True Self – High Being Of Light Reiki
True Self Illumination Attunement
True Voice Reiki
Turkey Reiki Empowerment
Turn Around Reiki Empowerment
Turtle Medicine Reiki Empowerment
Twin Flame Reiki
Two Way Channeling and Healing Reiki
Ultimate Reiki Healing
Unconditional Love Empowerment Reiki
Understand And Decodify Extraterrestrial Messages Reiki
Understanding Spirits Messages Reiki
Undesirable Pattern Clearing Reiki
Unicorn Animal Meditation Empowerment
Unicorn Blessings Reiki
Unicorn Energy Healing Reiki
Universal Abundance Empowerment Reiki
Universal Abundance Empowerment System Reiki (5 Levels)
Universal Alchemy Reiki
Universal Creativity Reiki
Universal Feminine Reiki
Universal Love, Peace, and Acceptance Lightwork
Universal Orb Empowerment Reiki
Universal Positive Power Booster Reiki
Universal Prosperity Reiki
Universal Rays Reiki Attunement
Universal Spiritual Harmony Reiki
Universal White Gold Energy Reiki
Universal Wisdom Empowerment Reiki
Universes Within Key 106 Awakening
Unlock Psychic Skills White Magick Spell Flush
Unwanted Entities Removed Attunement
Upper World Shamanic Spirits Reiki
Usui Grand Master Reiki Levels 5-18
Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Level 1
Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Level 2
Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Master Level 3
Usui Reiki Healing Business Package With Website
Vajra Reiki Attunements – 4 Levels
Vanilla Orchid Essence-Etheric Energies Attunement
Vega Star Essence
Victim Mentality Flush Empowerment Reiki
Violet Flame Reiki Attunement
Violet Light Etheric Ring
Violet Light Reiki Attunement
Violet Orb Attunement
Vipassana Flush Reiki
Virtual Life Coach Blog Website
Virtual Massage Empowerment
Vocal Cord Care Reiki Energy System
Voltige Barriere Magick Essence Reiki
Vortex Dimensional Jump Reiki
Vortex Energy Source Attunement
Vortex Light Shakti – ALL 3 LEVELS
Vortex Light Shakti – Level 1
Vortex Light Shakti – Level 2
Vortex Light Shakti – Level 3
Vortex Of Wealth Reiki
Walking The Rainbow Reiki Attunement
Waning Moon Empowerment
Warrior Spirit of Goddess Morrigan Empowerment
Waterfall Healing Reiki
Weight Loss Healing Flush Empowerment
Weight Loss Reiki
Well BE-ing Reiki
Western Cedar Smudge Attunement
Wheel Of Life Manifestation Empowerment Reiki
White Brotherhood Reiki
White Clear Body Spirit Attunement
White Dove Reiki Attunement
White Dragon Reiki
White Jade Elixir Energy
White Light Etheric Ring
White Light Source Attunement
WhiteLight (White Light) Reiki Course – 4 Levels
Wiccan God & Goddess Connection Empowerment
Widen the Energy Path & Increase Energy Reiki
Wild Goddess Within Empowerment
Wild Thing—Positive Energy of Nature Spirits Attunement
Willpower Energy Support Reiki
Winged Pyramid Healing Reiki
Wisdom Of Success Reiki
Wisdom of the Owl Empowerment
Witch Magick LightWork Program
Witch Spells Flush
Witchy Kit Reiki Master
Wolf Empowerment Reiki Attunement
Womb Care Reiki Energy System
Worry Flush Reiki
Worthiness and Forgiveness Reiki
Worthiness Reiki
Wound Healer Reiki – Level 1
Wound Healer Reiki – Level 2
Wound Healer Reiki – Level 3
Wound Healer Reiki PACKAGE – ALL 3 LEVELS
Written Intention Reversal Energy System
Yak Animal Meditation Empowerment
Yellow Dock Empowerment
Yesterday’s Future Reiki Empowerment
Yin Yang Magnetic Attraction Reiki
You Are Love Activation
Yungang Grottoes Empowerment
Zapping the Blues—Emotional Healing & Motivation Attunement
Ze’Or Continuum Empowerment
Zen Reiki
Zhong Khui Reiki
Zodiac Reiki – 12 Attunements
Zone Reiki



Reiki Attunement Courses