Deep Healing with the Angels

By Raffaele

Personal experience is the foundation for Deep Healing with the Angels; as such, I am going to share with you a very personal story about my life, where I came from, and how I came to be here on Earth:

Filled with anticipation and excitement, I gather my courage and take one last look at my brothers and sisters. I turn skyward, my feet leaving the ground and my wings of light spreading.

Supported by a radiant aura of love, protection and power, I find myself leaving a glorious planet and following a golden thread in the heavens. I travel through galaxies and places in the universe we are not even aware of, everything around me melodic, radiant and alive.

Beings of light come to me with blessings and warm energy. I keep following the golden thread, outside of time and space, until I reach our solar system. Crying tears of joy, I begin the final descent into Earth, the golden thread becoming an ethereal tunnel. Very slowly I realise that I am beginning to shrink; my tunic dissolves, my amulets dissipate, and the rings around my fingers slide off. I no longer feel in control.

As my body shrinks, so my original power dissolves and my memories start to leave my consciousness. Descending faster and faster, I close my eyes and become a sparkle of light. I can’t see, hear or feel any more, but I know that the tunnel of light ended in my mother’s womb, and then… Nothing. Total blackness, as if asleep for an eternity… until that blessed day when my cries in the hospital room announce my existence.

This story could be true for all of you, though it is possible that many of you have forgotten this experience. Actually, I feel compelled to accept that the ways of arriving here are many.

However, no matter how we journeyed here, we all share a cosmic purpose, and it is this destiny that our soul longs for. When you follow your original divine plan, you are in balance; at the slightest sign of disharmony, we should acknowledge that, perhaps, we are out of sync and that we need to re-enter the flow of life as it was meant to be.

The angels have told me many times that humanity has become so disconnected from its true nature and divine essence that we could be made redundant. Fortunately, as the energies on Earth are shifting and as more people are awakening from the collective trance that has kept us imprisoned, more angels are returning to infuse our lives with their presence.

Seeing, feeling and hearing these angels are natural gifts that we all possess; you are, and always will be, a beloved child of the Universe and the angels will always surround you and protect you. You are invited to allow them into your life; with your permission, they will heal your soul.

The fact that our modern society hasn’t opened those channels for a long while and that for now we are not able to prove their presence by scientific means does not exclude or deny their existence; life is divine in essence and there is an ever living presence that keeps alive the eternal dance of the universe. Whether you accept this idea or not, this is how it is – you can choose now if your channels of divine communication will remain closed, or if you will open up and allow more light to be radiated on Earth. The choice is yours.

This remote angelic healing session requires your participation. After an initial assessment, we will work together to allow you to:

  • Remember your planet of origin
  • Retrieve your original power
  • Heal and retrieve your inner child
  • Align with your cosmic plan and heal your life

Many angels and archangels will step forward to deliver powerful messages of wisdom and will help you to understand how you can heal your soul by working with them and taking charge of your life. All consultations can be done over e-mail or telephone. This is a beautiful journey on which you will be accompanied by your angels.

This special session costs £70


Deep Healing with the Angels

Unit Price: £70.00 each

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