Earth Magic Sessions

By Raffaele

Earth Magic

Earth is our home, our planet. It has a consciousness and a spirit. The energies of Mother Earth and her love is what brought us into existence and sustains us in our adventures. We are children of Mother Earth and her love is immense. The earthly elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water are all around us and even inside of us. As it is within, so is without.

Lady Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, has given us tremendous tools for spiritual growth and healing. Very often we are not aware of that. A simple walk out in nature can have a calming and soothing effect on our energies. People have even reported miraculous healings once they spent considerable amounts of time out in nature.

Nevertheless, the power of Mother Earth and the Elements are so mighty that allow us to work with them for the highest good.

You are invited to tap into this ancient knowledge and restore your well being with the help of our blessed mother!

Healing with the Elementals

This distant healing session will balance your earth, air, water and fire inner elements. In earth spirituality it is believed that each of us has a specific and predominant element in their consciousness. For example, water is associated with the emotions, fire with energy and transformation, air is associated with the mind and earth with the nurturing and grounding aspects of the existence. This powerful healing ritual will unveil your main element, balance the other elements in turn and restore harmony within. A special reading will inform you of how the elements relate to you, uniquely.

Healing with the Elementals

Unit Price: £18.00 each



Earth Rituals on Demand

This is a special ritual on demand that will be performed based on your needs and expectations. Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, let us know and we will ask the elements to grant your wish! This ritual does not come with a reading. It is intended as a magical enchantment.


Earth Rituals on Demand

Unit Price: £18.00 each

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