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Howl Of The Wolf Reiki Attunement

Howl Of The Wolf Reiki Attunement

Howl Of The Wolf Reiki Attunement

Connects you to the spirit of the Wolf and the Wolf’s healing howl of Oneness. The Wolf helps with love, loyalty, and family–the unity of the family as a whole. Emotional connects between members of the Wolf pack are powerful enough to not only help the entire pack survive, but also ensure that every member serves a special purpose within the pack.

The Howl of the Wolf Reiki Empowerment will help strengthen your family unity, bring courage to work together to solve family problems and help with healing emotional issues. The Wolf is well known to be a teacher, a provider, and a courageous defender of family or pack members. The Howl of the Wolf Reiki Empowerment attunement will help promote family well being, completeness, and wholeness. The Wolf is a great communicator with other members of the pack, and as such this attunement will also help with enhancing better family communication, understanding, and acceptance of each individual to promote healthy family relationships, and healing of emotional wounds.



Howl Of The Wolf Reiki Attunement

Unit Price: £1.00 each

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