Karmic Council Reiki

karmic council reiki

karmic council reiki

The Lords of Karma, is a Council of Bright Spirits that received from God, the mission to take care of the spirits that are evolving. Therefore, there is a Council of Lords of karma, that addresses the evolution of the spirits incarnated on Earth. As well, there are Councils that address the evolution of Minds on other planets and other worlds. A spirit, now in flesh, who thinks that he was unfairly treated, can submit his petition to the Lords of Karma, requesting a reduction in his “charge” that he feels is very heavy.

Although this situation has been planned by himself. If the Lords of Karma, accept his request, and will only do so if they believe that the spirit has learned what it had to learn and having new opportunities, at present, it will be a motive for more developments and changes will be processed in an almost immediately way.


The Karmic Board monitors the Karmic balance of Terrestrial Humanity, especially in these times of Cosmic Transition.

They meet four times a year (the last day of each month in March, June, September and December) at the Temple of Rainfall, located in the Kingdom of Light on the Royal Teton Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, USA, to analyze and deliberate all petitions from all Beings.

On these dates, the Great Karmic Council releases in abundance the Light of God’s Mercy, Purple Violet, who, led by the Divine Beings, spreads through all the vibrational frequencies, leading Human beings to help asked and the consequent reduction of thei

heavy karmic burdens.

Eight Ascended Masters form the Council of Karma. These Masters are responsible for administering justice (order / divine organization) on our planet Earth. They decide which portion of karma (positive or negative) that each person should receive during their life on Earth. It is the Lords of Karma who decide who should embody, when and where.

Their decisions are always based on three important points which follow now:


1 – The Divine Will for our lives, or our “Divine Plan”.

They give us life so we can have the necessary opportunities necessary to meet our Divine Victory.

2 – They give us opportunities for us to fix our mistakes. Our negative karma that needs to be consumed / transmuted, so we can evolve in the Light.

They position us in life (in families, jobs, cities, etc.), so that we can redeem our mistakes of previous lives. We need to rediscover the evil we did to others and to nature. This poor energy rating has to be redeemed by us, we need to serve others and pay our debts.

3 – They accompany us during our lives and they can increase the opportunities or barriers, which will depend on our evolution.

They evaluate us every six months, however, are highly evaluated every cycle of twelve years. At 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 years, and there on, if we get to live beyond that age. So when we achieve the victory of the manifestation of our divine plan and consume our negative karma, then we will go to the I AM Presence, the Beloved Holy Christ Self (our Higher Self) and the Council of Karma, which will decree the right to free ourselves from the treadmill of reincarnations.

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Karmic Council Reiki

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