Key To Abundance Reiki

Key To Abundance Reiki

Key To Abundance Reiki

By Linda Colibert

Key to Abundance Reiki connects you to spirit and source energies for empowerment, healing, clearing, and drawing abundance to you in positive ways. Your abundance is already piled up waiting for you on the spiritual
plane. You have more than you could ever imagine. The Key to Abundance Reiki is an energy connection and empowerment that will help you release your blocks that prevent you from receiving your prosperity and
abundance. As you release the blocks, your energy raises and vibrates in tune with abundance. The energies of this system are powerful and brings a sense of relief, inner peace, and wisdom that allows your light of joy to

Many things can interfere with our abundance and prosperity, but the main thing that blocks our flow is negative energies and emotions. Whenever you worry, doubt, or fear that you may not have enough, the energies get stuck. We are all human, and while we are energy beings living a physical life, all of us experience times when things do not feel good to us, things feel distant or overwhelming. The minute our focus and point of attention turns from being abundant, to worry or stress that we do not have enough, we shut off our flow of prosperity and abundance. In that very instant, we have changed our focus and our attention is given to lack and limitation.

The key to abundance is the ability to turn your attention back to abundance and prosperity. This sounds easy, but when you are
experiencing this feeling of not having enough, it actually hurts. The reason it feels so bad, is because when you move away from thoughts and feelings that connect you to the source energy (which is love and light and happiness and prosperity) you are not being true to who you really are. You are mostly source energy in essence, and then you are a little part the physical being you see when you look in the mirror. Source energy is abundant! Source energy is joy, happiness, heath, wealth, and feels good!




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– manual
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
– certificate

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Key To Abundance Reiki

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