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Multidimensional Self Flush Empowerment Reiki

Multidimensional Self Flush Empowerment Reiki

Multidimensional Self Flush Empowerment Reiki

This flush is given unto us so that we can activate and express our multidimensional selves while in human form on the earth plane. This powerful energy will assist us in releasing any beliefs that we still have more to learn in this limited reality so that we can transcend the limits of the third dimensional life. This form is also designed to clear the human energy field of external elements that are not part of the Self, such as thought forms, and negative energy and fragment of other people. It will also remove any limited beliefs we believe while in human form. These limited beliefs will be lifted in such a way that we no longer have self imposed limitations or are lost in the illusions of separation and limitation.

As our multidimensional self is awakened this will bring us enlightenment.  As the energy sweeps through us we will experience psychic expansion which will give us a clearer understanding of our Higher Self.  Additionally, the energy of this form will remove anything that keeps us from ascending into the multidimensional reality so that we become the expansive being we are capable of becoming while still living in our human form. A transformation will happen for you as you go about this journey….you will see yourself in your true multidimensional expression. Then you will be expressing the real you – the authentic, Divine,multidimensional self.  No longer will you be just your physical body for you have conscious clear inner light awareness of the connection to All that is and see All as part of Self. You will heal, transform,and evolve so that you are…..

Living from higher levels of freedom, love, and within the creativity of the True Multidimensional Self,your unique being of Self that is in unity, harmony and Oneness with All.

Benefits ofMultidimensional Self Empowerment
– Activation of Multidimensional Self
– Transcendence of the limits of the third dimensional life
– Loss of self imposed limitations and illusions of separation
– Experience a state of freedom from illusions
– Activate spiritual free will and choice
– Become more self aware and self determining
– Access to hidden, higher knowledge, truth and wisdom
– Psychic expansion
– Gain clearer understanding of our Higher Self
– Expression of true spiritual gifts
– Growth into a heightened being of Higher light, love, wisdom, truth, knowledge and ability
– Limitless thinking
– Acceptance and utilization of full dimensionality
– Expression of Higher traits
– Experience more freedom, imagination, creativity and self fulfillment
– Living from within the creativity of the True Multidimensional Self

Much More!



price fixed by founder



– distance attunement
– manual
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
– certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email



Multidimensional Self Flush Empowerment Reiki

Unit Price: £20.00 each



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