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Raku Kei Master Attunement

Raku Kei Reiki

Raku Kei Reiki

The Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, whilst the Kei energy flows in a horizontal manner. The two cross at the “Hara” center at the solar plexus center. It is this center which was cut out during the ritual Samurai ” Hara” Kiri. In this manner the Samurai would cut out the ” center of his being by the implemenation of three sacred cuts in the form of a triangle ( the symbol of manifestation).

The cross formed by the Raku and Kei energy is the cross which represents the four cardinal points and four elements. This pagan form was used by the christians after the death of Christ, and to this day 4 crossing oneself is regarded as a devotional act for Christians.

Raku Kei is the ancient science of Self-Development and Self-improvement. It is believed that the origins of Raku Kei come from Tibet . The Tibetan Lamas used Calligraphs to encapsulate the energy of a healing concept, recognising that all symbols, when drawn produce low frequency waves that can be detected by the human body. These Calligraphy symbols would normally be painted in large form upon wall hangings in the monasteries where monks would meditate. Such images would add a focus to the mantric work that would resonate with the symbol.

It is thought that all participants in these meditations would upon a four legged stool placed in the center of a large oval shaped earthenware container, representing the etheric egg, or Akasha, was filled with several inches of water. The water represented the emotions.

The stool itself represents the four cardinal points or elements, the person sitting on made the fifth, that of Ether, or Spirit. The stool was made of wood with a silver inlay going in a channel up the four legs to the center. This linked to an inlaid Master Frequency symbol upon the seat.

The walls of the meditation chamber were of highly Polished copper buffed to a very high reflective sheen. A sloped wall was used to hang the symbol so that it could be reflected upon the wall. This was to the rear of the meditator who was able to see the reflection enhanced by the copper on the wall. The concept of this procedure was to ensure that the symbols were deeply embedded into the mind by concentration and repetitive mantra. At the same time the body was being purified by exposure to the Master energy symbol on the seat. The energy from the symbol would be directed up the spine to the higher chakras. It was only relatively recently that Rolf Jensen discovered the cubicle silver inlay design which was used in the manufacture of the stool.

It is though that this technique was an exact esoteric science that was passed down to initiates by verbal tradition. In this way it eventually disappeared until the Sanskrit text identifying these techniques was discovered by Usui in the 1800’s.

The manual covers:

* History of Raku Kei Reiki
* The Sacred Secrets Of Reiki
* Kidney Breathing
* The Breath of the Fire Dragon
* Raku Kei Symbols
* Raku Kei Diagram
* The Seven Layer Auric Body System
* Chart Of The Seven Chakras
* HA-AHI-WAI- The Water Ceremony
* The Raku Kei Affirmation


– distance attunement
– manual
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
– certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

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Raku Kei Master Attunement

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