Akashic Records Reading

Reading By Raffaele

The Akashic Records are the library of your soul where all answers are kept safe for eternity. Your soul will visit the library between incarnations. Here much knowledge is available and many answers can be found in the immense collection of books that your soul collects during each lifetime.

Each library is absolutely unique and it can be found in the heavens in etheric form. It is a pure place of light. Light is energy but on some level it is also information.

Akasha is the primordial energy which comes directly from Source. It is a place that induces evolution on a spiritual and multidimensional level allowing your consciousness to expand and see and understand life from a higher perspective.

I will safely access your Akashic records and retrieve for you information that will allow to find answers to your questions. This beautiful reading will allow you to remember your life’s plan, your power and the nature of your soul. It is a unique reading which will have a tremendous effect on a spiritual, emotional and mental level, opening and expanding your consciousness and allowing your soul to truly shine.

This reading will take a couple of days to be completed and will be sent to your e-mail inbox in Pdf format. I will be available to answer your questions, related to the reading, any time.


Akashic Records Reading

Unit Price: £25.00 each

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