Fairies Enchantment Reading

By Raffaele

The fairy realm is one of the closest to us as they live in nature, on Earth. The fairies help the planet to heal and are in charge of helping plants and trees grow healthy in their environment.

More and more people are awakening to their presence, since they even reside in our home plants and back yards! They are very gentle beings who bridge our world and the spirit world.

Fairies can see our lives from a different angle and are wise, ancient and loving beings. They are masters of abundance and prosperity and have overseen our lives since the sands of time.

These shiny beings will help you to find practical answers and healing! From their unique perspective, more portals of wisdom will open for you!

Ask a Fairy Reading: discover if you have a fairy nearby and what messages he or she has to share. You can ask 1 question and receive specific guidance and inspiration on any topic. Remember, fairies really do have a different grasp of things! This reading will certainly surprise you!


Fairies Enchantment Reading

Unit Price: £15.00 each

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