Higher Self Reading

Reading by Raffaele

Our human perception and understanding of situations & people is sometimes clouded by self-created limitations. To this, we have to add all the negative & limiting beliefs that come from our society, family, institutions and the media. Most of the time, the messages that have reached our subconscious minds are blocking us from seeing higher truths and wiser ways of life. And, if that is not enough, we also have to face our own egos.

Our vision has become so distorted that if we do not act on our behaviors and repetitive patterns, we may experience the very same conditions for a very long time. There are many ways of counteracting a dis-harmonious and dis-connected way of life, but the main cause for such conditions is our disconnection from our higher-selves. These are what connect us to the Universe, the Light that has brought us here. Your higher-self is that part of you who knows, heals, transforms and sees everything from a higher perspective. Your higher-self is eternally connected with the higher realms and remembers all of your trials and efforts throughout many life times. When you connect with your higher-self, you receive guidance, answers and healing that comes from a realm which is beyond our human, limited vision of the world. If you have questions, your higher-self has the answers that you are seeking.

This is a special reading where messages that come from your higher-self will be channelled and presented for you in written. It is like talking to a hidden part of you that cannot be accessed in ordinary states of consciousness and that may present a different vision of the reality that you are experiencing.

My readings are unique for each individual. I do not use templates. Every reading is considered sacred and is unique to that person. I dedicate to each reading all the necessary time with your highest good in mind and their content is generous in quality and quantity.  You can safely order a “Higher-Self” reading by submitting your payment, safely, through PayPal. Each reading is sent to your e-mail address in Pdf format and it usually takes only a couple of days to be completed. Each reading costs £25 and you can ask up to 3 questions

Higher Self Reading

Unit Price: £25.00 each

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