Life Review Reading

The Dance of the Universe: Your Dance with the Cosmos

Everything in the Universe is in constant movement: an eternal dance of growth and expansion. Perhaps you haven’t realized it yet, however, you are dancing with the cosmos and your main life purpose is expansion and growth. All the planets and the stars spin on themselves while they dance among each other in circular motion, meeting and leaving each other, for then to come back again in the spiral dance that forms our galaxies up to the entire starry sky. Your life is no different from this universal principle of moving in circles. Everything in your life is a dance of people, situations, challenges and realizations. Your life is a sacred dance. It is a celebration. As you realize that you too are part of a greater dance, we shall focus on reviewing your life from the perspective of the cosmos. Your past lessons and patterns, the present situation and the visioning of a future that makes you joyful and happy. Creating your future starts in the “now” by planting seeds of hope and love all around you. These will then blossom and bring to you the joy that you are soo deeply seeking. This reading will review your past, present and future life patterns from an energetic points of view, and by seeing them as a sacred universal dance. It is inspiring and provides guidance & wisdom that allows one’s consciousness to expand allowing you to come to your own realizations.

My readings are unique for each individual. I do not use templates. Every reading is considered sacred and is unique to that person. I dedicate to each reading all the necessary time with your highest good in mind and their content is generous in quality and quantity.  You can safely order a “Life Review” reading by submitting your payment, safely, through PayPal. Each reading is sent to your e-mail address in Pdf format and it usually takes only a couple of days to be completed. Each reading costs £55.

Reading By Raffaele

Life Review Reading

Unit Price: £25.00 each

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