Messages from the Heavens Reading

Messages from the Heavens to help you grow spiritually…

Everyone can receive messages from the heavens, the higher realms from where we all came from. Unfortunately our frantic lives and our modern ways of living have closed nearly all the natural channels of divine communication, however, just by receiving your unique messages from the heavenly realms, you will find yourself more open and prone to receiving divine communication in the future. This is a special reading that has to be read from the heart and it will support you in your spiritual journey which is unique and profoundly appreciated, more than you can comprehend. We are all wonderful beings of light having a human experience. We all come from the Light where love & peace permeate everything across time and space. Here on Earth, our human spiritual vision is at times very limited, however, from a spiritual perspective this is part of a greater plan which will lead to the complete evolution of consciousness. All is well, all is whole. Feelings of separation and disconnection are but an illusion created by our egos. This very special reading will help you remember your true nature, your mission here on Earth and your deep connection with the Angels and the Light. This reading will ignite a sacred sense of reverence towards all of life and will help you remember why you are here. You are a wonderful being of light, love and compassion. Open your heart once more and receive messages from the Heavens graciously and lovingly.

My readings are unique for each individual. I do not use templates. Every reading is considered sacred and is unique to that person. I dedicate to each reading all the necessary time with your highest good in mind and their content is generous in quality and quantity.  You can safely order a “Messages from the Heavens” reading by submitting your payment, safely, through PayPal. Each reading is sent to your e-mail address in Pdf format and it usually takes only a couple of days to be completed. Each reading costs £25 and you can ask 1 question.

Reading By Raffaele

Messages from the Heavens Reading

Unit Price: £25.00 each

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