Secret Wisdom of the Tarot Reading

The Teachings of the Tarot: Universal Archetypes that empower your life

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that probably first appeared in Italy during the fifteen century as a card game for nobleman. Centuries later the Tarot was famous for its spiritual and esoteric meaning, and used as a tool for divination. Contrary to popular belief, working with the Tarot for divination does not necessarily mean we want to predict the future. Perhaps this is not possible because, as metaphysics suggests, we live in a multidimensional universe, and probable futures are totally uncountable. I believe that the purpose of a reading is not to tell your future in detail, but to receive guidance and inspiration to empower your life. The Tarot is a tool that acts like a compass, pointing us in the right direction. A complete Tarot reading is like a life-coaching session that presents alternate realities for us to grow within. You are invited on a journey of discovery with the Tarot.

Among the most noticeable and appreciable qualities of the Tarot is its sheer variety. It is a complete system that allows us to explore our lives with rich and meaningful detail. The 78 cards provide an inner journey of the soul through experiencing specific stages; it outlines personalities and qualities not seen anywhere else. It also contains, in its secret meanings, the four elements: earth, air, water and fire, each associated with particular qualities. Above all else, the Tarot presents Universal Archetypes that bring together certain traits in which everyone can recognise themselves. This is one of the Tarot’s most powerful qualities. These Archetypes, already held in the core of your soul, represent a powerful tool that provides a higher understanding of our lives from a spiritual, emotional and transcendental point of view.

By combining different card spreads, the Tarot offers us the possibility to recognise and understand stories. These are the narratives of our lives, and of the characters at play all around us. By identifying with the characters we understand, and working with those we recognise the least, we actively expand our consciousness and usher in more wisdom. There is even more to tell. As meaningful metaphors for our lives, stories offer us one of the most beautiful spiritual opportunities we could wish for: the power of healing, and the purification and catharsis of our souls. The Tarot is a mighty catalyst that will help you to plant seeds of wisdom in your spiritual inner garden, while bringing stillness and awareness to help you to move forward in your life with grace.

A reading of this kind presents goals and intentions that lead to a better future.


Welcome to the Secret Wisdom of the Tarot Reading

My readings are a combination of meticulous and intricate card spreads that are observed, analysed and understood with your highest good in mind. I do each card spread from my sacred space and will dedicate all necessary time to your request. While I spread the cards for you, magical music is played all around to ensure the energies are maintained in the highest and purest state.

Reading By Raffaele

Secret Wisdom of the Tarot Reading

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