Shamanic Soul Reading

Reading By Raffaele

Inspiring, provocative and mind-opening, the shamanic soul reading is a compassionate way to access the higher understandings of who we really are. This reading offers you a visionary journey into the depths of your being, and will guide you on a fantastic path of discovery and growth, which in turn will allow you to discover the roots of your essence, its evolution and divine plan. Words of wisdom will grant inspiration and enfold you in the eternal knowledge that we are one with the Universe, and that we are here to remember.

This is a journey of the spirit to the core of your essence which will provide a reading of your energies and determine your aura, gifts and purpose in life. As individuals, we are so often caught up in the material aspects of society; this reading will grant you insight and cleanse your mind and soul, rewarding you with the clarity we are often desperately in need of. This is a voyage of the soul that will inspire you and offer to you the opportunity to perceive yourself from an alternate plane.

A spiritual, shamanic journey on behalf of you, this reading will be wholly in-depth and illuminate all pathways to your mind and soul, ushering and cultivating balance and harmony. As such, your heart will need to be willing to open up and embrace the love of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Carried out remotely and delivered to you in PDF format, the soul reading will take a full 7 days to fulfill.


Shamanic Soul Reading

Unit Price: £45.00 each

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