Visions From The Dream World Reading

Visions from the Dream World: Your Soul Tells You Who You Are

When we journey through the vastness of the dream-world we enter a place where all memories are preserved and continue to live, like an eternal magical dream. Here, there are no limitations of time and space and as long as the Universe allows us to see, we could, in theory, see everything. This is like entering a vast pool of consciousness that keeps all of our dreams vibrant and alive. Through many past & future lives, visions of perfected plans, our highest potential is held, like a precious gem, in an ocean of colours, sounds, aromas and light. It is a  land of brilliance where everything is radiantly alive and home to divine wisdom.

In our modern world, being a visionary is considered illogical and yet, without vision, our world could not have come into existence. It is visioning that gives us the fuel to keep going. Without dreams, man could not exist. Perhaps, the lives to which we are so deeply attached, are but a dream from which, one day, we will all be awaken. Accessing information that comes from higher realms of existence brings in more awareness of your soul who is journeying across time and space, eternally. It is like listening an old wise traveler who has seen many different places. This is sacred knowledge and bringing it back means to help you expand your vision of yourself and the world, in gentle and yet, profound ways. Your soul will tell you a marvelous story: yours.

 My readings are unique for each individual. I do not use templates. Every reading is considered sacred and is unique to that person. I dedicate to each reading all the necessary time with your highest good in mind and their content is generous in quality and quantity.  You can safely order a “Visions from the Dream-World” reading by submitting your payment, safely, through PayPal. Each reading is sent to your e-mail address in Pdf format and it usually takes only a couple of days to be completed. Each reading costs £25.

Reading By Raffaele

Visions From The Dream World Reading

Unit Price: £25.00 each

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