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The Herkimer Diamond Ray of Attunement

The Herkimer Diamond Ray of Attunement

The Herkimer Diamond Ray of Attunement

The Herkimer Diamond is a master class crystal that brings clarity, helping to highlight issues in oneself and in others. The energy of this master crystal activates the merkabah and opens the energy channels up further, allowing one to “see” what blockages are present.

Herkimer Diamond crystals are very powerful crystals and are often used in crystal grids for clearing a space of negative energies and electromagnetic radiation. They are also efficient detoxifiers when used in an elixir.

The Herkimer Diamond helps to stimulate psychic abilities, and cleanses the subtle energy bodies. This, in turn, facilitates one’s attunement to higher vibrations and one’s capacity for linking with higher dimensions; it is a powerful attunement crystal. Emotionally, the cleansing effect of the Herkimer Diamond helps to release stresses and to balance emotions.



The Herkimer Diamond Ray of Attunement

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