Unicorns Healing Session

By Raffaele

The unicorns are ascended horses that have evolved and came to a completion of their mission on Earth.

Unicorns are considered the purest of the pure and their radiant silvery white aura is one of the shiniest in the spiritual realms.

Unicorns see our lives from above and are able to touch our hearts with their unicorn of light and they can bless us with pure vision, pure joy and innocence.

Unicorns’ messages and healing are gentle, wise, compassionate and loving. Their outstanding energies will help you to feel more confident and cherished.

The Unicorns will help you to retrieve a very special and unique part of yourself: your inner child. In our modern times we are educated to work things out of our rational and logic mind. Unfortunately by doing so, we repress our precious inner child and we suffer. The inner child is a fundamental part of ourselves. The inner child provides fantasy, imagination, pure thoughts and joy. This special healing session will retrieve & heal your inner child allowing you to re-emerge from your subconscious. An accompanying reading will outline inspiring messages and will describe what you can do to keep your inner baby safe and radiant. The Unicorns will give you all the help you need!


Unicorns Healing Session

Unit Price: £18.00 each

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